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Ocean Industrial (China) CO., Limited
OCEAN INDUSTRIAL (CHINA) CO.,LIMITED (ISO9001:2008 certificated) established in 2015, our facility has 10000 m2 of manufacturing area. We have 95 employees,including 65 technicians. We design and manufacture plastic injection molds as well as engineering change and repairing work. We are capable of handling jobs ranging from very small details up to 2500x1500mm plates (typically molds for a 2500 ton press and smaller). We handle every aspect of a job from the initial design and concept, through all facets of manufacturing, down to the final fit and finish. Main tools and injection parts are automotive, medical, household, electronic product , printer machines. Plastic injection moulds, and moulding the product, second process added values such as product finishes, part assembly, etc....
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2016/9/10Whirlpool Corporation second audit on Sept 10th, 2...
In the end of 2015, Whirlpool came for first audit in our Ocean mould. we have some items needed to correct, and today the Whirlpool team come to audit again. after second audit, we ll be Whirlpool qualify supplier, and Whirlpool ll set ...
2016/9/9C-TPAT audit by 3rd party from HK on Aug 18th,2016
2016/9/9Ocean Mould Malaysia plant Opening Ceremony on Sep...
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